9/17/2016: Three Terrorist Attacks in 1 Day

On Saturday, September 17, 2016, three terrorist attacks were carried out against civilians and military in the United States.


Terrorist Attack in Seaside, New Jersey

At 9:35 am (EST), a bomb in a garbage can exploded at the end of the third annual “Semper Fi” run in Seaside Park, New Jersey. The Semper Fi race benefits the MARSOC Foundation, which supports active duty and medically retired U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Special Operations Command (MARSOC) personnel and their families as well as families of marines and sailors who lost their lives in service.

Runners were scheduled to pass the garbage can when it detonated, but the race had already been cancelled after an unattended backpack was discovered in the area. Two more pipe bombs that failed to detonate were discovered in a nearby trash can. According to Ocean County Sheriff Mike Mastronardy, the unattended backpack checked out as “okay,” but the abrupt cancellation indicates that the backpack was either not “okay” or some other evidence was ascertained that elevated security concerns.


Terrorist Attack in New York City

At around 8:30 pm (EST), a bomb in a trashcan exploded on a busy sidewalk in the Chelsea neighborhood in New York City. Twenty-nine people were wounded, including an eight year old child. At least one victim suffered life-threatening injuries. Footage shows nearby windows being penetrated by shrapnel that was evidently packed into the bomb.

A few blocks away, another explosive device was found on 27th and Sixth Street:  a pressure cooker with a cellphone attached. It was similar to the devices found in Seaside Park. Law enforcement soon confirmed that the explosive devices came from the same person. There was a hand-written letter in Arabic with the unexploded device. A man phoned 911 right after the explosion to claim responsibility and promise more attacks. An Arab-looking male was identified as a person of interest. Surveillance video reportedly shows three men working together to set the pressure cooker bombs in place.

By Monday morning, authorities had identified one of the suspects: 28-year-old Ahmad Khan Rahami, a naturalized U.S.  citizen from Afghanistan.



Ahmad Khan Rahami


Terrorist Attack in St. Cloud, Minnesota

Shortly after 8:00 pm (CST), at Crossroads Center shopping mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota, a Somali-American dressed as a security guard went on a stabbing spree while ranting about Allah. He stabbed nine people. During the rampage, he asked victims if they believed in Allah. Despite these facts, Yahoo news declared that “the motivation of the attack was unclear.”

The jihadist was extinguished by the thoughtful application of bullets into his body by an off-duty police officer exercising his Second Amendment rights. The next day, he was identified as Dahir Adan, a Somali-American Muslim who came to the United States as a refugee. Since 2011, over 1,000 Somali refugees have been resettled in St. Cloud and brought crime, welfare dependency, and virulent anti-Americanism to the region. As Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013, Clinton personally oversaw the importation and resettlement of 31,000 Somali migrants.

Within hours, ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack in Minnesota. An ISIS-linked news agency identified Adan as a “soldier of the Islamic state.”


In response to three terrorist attacks on U.S. soil in a single day, government officials and news media tried to convince the public it didn’t happen.

Mayor Bill DeBlasio held a press conference and claimed that the Chelsea explosion was somehow both “intentional” and “not terrorism.” Pundits were rolled onto CNN and other news outlets to support the senseless proposition. They acted like hack-lawyers and sought to impose excessively legalistic jargon onto the publc discourse, as if they were representing the accused in court or Islamic terror attacks in the United States were still rare events.

Shortly after the explosion in Chelsea, Donald Trump told a crowd at a rally in Colorado that he had just learned that a bomb went off in New York City. CNN tried to characterize his pedestrian, accurate remarks as reckless and ill-advised. Reporters for the liberal, anti-Trump news outlet duly issued their tired, groundless condemnations.



A haggard-looking Hillary Clinton wanly spoke with reporters on her plane. Like President Obama, the former Secretary of State always minimizes instances of Islamic terrorism in the United States because her platform calls for an exponential increase in immigration from populations that commit these acts. Like President Obama, she is firmly committed to establishing the United States as a country without borders that places the non-existent Constitutional rights of foreign-nationals above the rights of citizens.

Clinton began her remarks by saying: “I’ve been briefed about the bombings in New York and New Jersey, as well as the attack in Minnesota…” and proceeded to issue affectless pablum about thoughts and prayers to the families and first-responders. After her initial remarks, a reporter asked:

“Do you have any reaction to the fact that Donald Trump, prior to taking the stage tonight, called the explosion tonight a bomb, and if that’s an appropriate term”?




Clinton herself had just referred to the explosions as “bombings.” How could she take issue with Trump doing the same? Nonetheless, Clinton droned on about the importance of knowing facts and again listlessly issued her thoughts and prayers. CNN helpfuly edited Clinton’s initial reference to “bombings” out of her reported remarks.

The next day, Bill DeBlasio continued to maintain that there just wasn’t enough evidence to rule out a “personal motivation” for the bombing, so he couldn’t go so far as to characterize the mass maiming of his constituents as “terrorism.” This was too much for the state’s fellow Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo, who clarified that the explosion was “obviously an act of terrorism,” no matter what the motivation.

In another display of the recurrent contempt that marks the final phase of his term, President Obama couldn’t be bothered to comment about the attacks. Instead, he gave a speech to the Congressional Black Caucas where he imperiously warned that he would take it as a “personal insult” if black Americans didn’t turn out to vote for Hillary. No mention of the three attacks that maimed and injured so many. The next day, he spoke at another Hillary Clinton fundraiser and maintained his shameful silence.




Corrupt media outlets betray the public trust by censoring truth in a transparent bid to protect a failed President and elevate Hillary Clinton, whose policies will import more Islamic terrorism to America.


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